Storage: secured, on-site, and climate controlled.

Nowhere to go?

Store your household goods with Princeton Van Service and gain peace of mind knowing your prized possessions are safe and secure.

Putting all your eggs in one basket.

No problem for Princeton Van Service, the protectors of fine furniture and household goods. Whether in our climate controlled storage or on one of our air ride vans, your household goods are always protected.

Great for household goods or office equipment.

Princeton Van Service has 10,000 sq. ft. of secured, climate controlled space conveniently located just outside of Princeton in Ewing, New Jersey.


“The size of the space is not as vast as larger moving companies, but it’s exactly what we need to accommodate our clients in need of short or long term storage. We are not a volume moving company; we’d like to avoid the inevitable and stay small to better serve our clients who are usually referred by other satisfied customers” says Princeton Van Service’s President, Louis DeCibus.

The need for storage.

“It has a lot to do with today’s real estate market”, the owner explains. “Homeowners are selling their homes before they find or build a new one. Or, often they just can’t coordinate their closings. Their relief is a secured, private storage that can accommodate an entire household. We offer sanitized wrapping for all upholstered furniture, special carpets, racks and sealed, dust-free, palletized vaults to insure long term security.”

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Princeton Van Service offers secured, private storage to compliment their expertise in the handling of fine furniture and household goods. Every item is pallatized and contained in a dust-free vault.

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